Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine

WATO EX-20 Vet

WATO EX-20 Vet

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Wato EX-20 Vet is designed for the demanding veterinary environment, we know you value animal life as much as human being. so do we dedicate ourselves to design machine that is safe for veterinary Inhalation anesthesia use.

Automatic: - unlike most of the veterinary anaesthesia machines available in the market which always come with pneumatic control ventilator, Wato EX-20 Vet comes with a fully electronic control ventilator that allows users to choose the ventilation modes that best fit for the veterinary needs.

Simple: – with our highly praised EX series anaesthesia user interface, you will find it extremely easy to use. All the functions and parameters settings arrangement are designed base on clinical opinions and you won’t find yourself loss in complex menu.

Precise: -with our highly precised and electronic feedback Pressure control ventilation, you can even ventilate animals that require tidal volume down to 5ml which is ideally for small animals. On top of that Wato EX-20 Vet also support ACGO system. The semi close circuit system allows you to take control the whole anaesthesia ventilation process.

Expandable: - functions meet the actual needs, with our modular design, you can upgrade your system according to your needs in the future.